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  • PhD, European project PILLAR
  • PhD, ANR ORHID: full description here
  • PhD, ANR AHEAD (with ONERA): AI for hybrid simulation models in computational fluid dynamics
  • Post-doc, ANR ASTRAL: physcis and machine learning for SAR imagery
  • Phd, ANR Diamelex: uncertainty for deep and active learning
  • Post-doc, ANR Deeplomatics: multi-modal object detection and tracking
Associate Editor for Transaction on Machine Learning Research (TMLR) journal
Area Chair for NeurIPS ('24, '23, '22, '21, '20'), ICLR ('23, '22, '21), ICML'23, ICCV'21, CVPR'20
GdR ISIS workshops Talks
Media PhD Committees
  1. 28/05/24: L. Calem, "Diverse trajectory forecasting in autonomous driving." (Supervisor),
    with S. Canu, D. Picard, R. Tavenard, C. Achard, P. Pérez.
  2. 06/05/24: N. Painchaud, "Deep learning on manifolds for arterial hypertension in echocardiography." (Reviewer), with I. Bloch, G. Piella, P.M. Jodoin, P.Y. Courand, N. Duchateau, O. Bernard.
  3. 29/04/24: M. Cariel, "Generative models for complex visual data." (Reviewer),
    with A. Soriano, J. Gall, D. Picard,S. Lathuliere, J. Verbeek.
  4. 19/04/24: Y. Zhu, "Human pose estimation in 3D for working environment." (Reviewer),
    with H. Tabia, H. Kuehne, C. Achard, L. Meurisse, D. Picard.
  5. 20/03/24: E. Ramzi, "Robust image retrieval with deep learning." (Supervisor),
    with D. Larlus, Y. Avrithis, H. Jegou, M. Cord, M. Crucianu, N. Audebert, C. Rambour.
  6. 19/03/24: E. Dadalto, "Improving AI reliability through OOD and misclassification detection."
    , with Y. Grandvalet, Y. Chevaleyre, F. D'Alché, N. Vayatis, F. Alberge, P. Piantanida.
  7. 15/03/24: I. Khalfaoui Hassani, "Dilated convolution with learnable spacings." (President),
    with F. Yu, E. Neftci, G. Richard, S. Chambon, T. Masquelier.
  8. 26/01/24: S. Martin, "Variational methods for large-scale data problems in imaging." (Examiner),
    with A. Pizurica, N. Pustelnick, F. Malgouyres, G. Steidl, I. Ben-Ayed, J.C. Pesquet.
  9. 25/01/24: E. Menier, "Deep learning and reduced order models for numerical simulations." (Examiner),
    with A. Habrad, G. Rozza, P.S. Koutsourelakis, T. Sayadi, M. Yagoubi, L. Mathelin, M. Schoenauer.
  1. 21/12/23: L. Themyr, "Global context with transformers in 3D Medical Image Segmentation." (Supervisor), with C. Petitjean, O. Bernard, C. Desrosiers, D. George, T. Collins, A. Hostettler, C. Rambour.
  2. 19/12/23: J. Guo, "Machine learning in automated analysis of human aorta using innovative 4D flow MRI." (Examiner), with C. Petitjean, A. Lalande, O. Baledent, L. Sarry, T. Dientenceck, N. Kachenoura.
  3. 04/12/23: E. Meunier, "Unsupervised learning for motion segmentation and motion saliency in videos." (Reviewer), with P. Pérez, D. Cremers, E. Fromont, R. Fablet, R. Fraisse, P. Bouthemy.
  4. 10/10/23: A. Heitz, "Semantic segmentation of 3D computed tomography images using deep learning-based approach." (Reviewer), with I. Bloch, C. Wemmert, P.H. Conze, F. Heitz, L. Soler, V. Noblet, B. Naegel.
  5. 15/09/23: P. Wang, "Medical Image Segmentation Under Challenging Scenarios." (Reviewer),
    with E. Granger, J. Doltz, M. Pedersoli, C. Zhang, C. Desrosiers.
  6. 10/07/23: R. Webster, "Evaluating Deep Image Generation through the Lens of Utility and Privacy." (President), with J. Digne, V. Lepetit, H. Jégou, J. Rabin, L. Simon, O. Lezoray.
  7. 07/07/23: J. Parekh, "Interpretable machine learning: application to image and audio classification." (Reviewer), with G. Montavon, A. Melis, C. Clavel, P. Pérez, S. Canu, F. D'Alché-Buc, P. Mozharovskyi.
  8. 03/04/23: D. Lohani, "Unsupervised deep learning of spatio-temporal representations for video."
    , with F. Bremond, T. Chateau, C. Crispim, L. Robinault, L. Tougne.
  9. 31/03/23: C. Dancette, "Shortcut Learning in Visual Question Answering" (President),
    with E. Fromont, C. Wolf, M. Rorhbach, D. Teney, M. Cord.
  10. 30/03/23: G. Heller, "Modèles d'apprentissage profond hiérarchiques et semi-supervisés sur systèmes embarqués pour l'agriculture intelligente" (Examiner),
    with J. Chanussot, S. Ran, B. Lamiroy, M. Devanne, V. Vrabie, E. Perrin, C. Dussart.
  11. 29/03/23: Q. Bouniot, "Towards Few-Annotation Learning in Computer Vision: Application to Image Classification and Object Detection" (Reviewer),
    with C. Hudelot, D. Larlus, D. Tuia, D. Filliat, A. Habrard, R. Audigier, A. Loesch.
  12. 30/01/23: M. Mezghanni, "Structural and Functional Learning for Industrial Design Automatization."
    , with V. Lepetit, F. Lafarge, L. Guibas, N. Mitra, M. Ovsjanikov, M. Boulkenafed.
  1. 09/12/22: H. Frezat, "Apprentissage de la dynamique sous-maille dans des modèles de turbulence idéalisés." (Reviewer), with G. Dubos, L. Zanna, E. Memin, G. Balarac, J. Lesommier, R. Fablet.
  2. 02/12/22: R. Paris, "Potential and challenges of reinforcement learning for flow control."
    , with G. Rigas, L. Cordier, L. Mathelin, F. Hervy, S. Benddine, J. Dandois.
  3. 28/11/22: V. Besnier, "Safety of autonomous systems." (Reviewer), with I. Bloch, V. Fremont,
    F. Guney, S. Ilic, A. Briot, A. Bursuc, A. Histache, D. Picard.
  4. 21/11/22: Z. Wu, "Depth attention for scene understanding." (Reviewer), with C. Wolf, D. Picard,
    L. Chen, G. Allibert, C. Stoltz, C. Demonceaux.
  5. 17/10/22: R. Sun, "Content combination strategies for Image Classification." (Supervisor),
    with C. Hudelot, F. Precioso, E. Fromont, H. Jégou, C. Achard, M. Cord.
  6. 29/09/22: H. Touvron, "Architectures and training for visual understanding." (President),
    with G. Taylor, F. Fleuret, C. Schmid, A. Zisserman, M. Cord, H. Jégou.
  7. 29/04/22: E. Evain, "Deep learning motion estimation in ultrasound imaging: application to myocardial deformation quantification." (Reviewer), with C. Petitjean, I. Bloch, M. De Craene, R. Van Sloun, O.Bernard.
  8. 25/03/22: U. Aggarwal, "Active and incremental deep learning with class imbalanced data."
    , with H. Azzag, I. Kannelos, F. Yger, A. Popescu, C. Hudelot.
  9. 23/03/22: J. Navarro, "Semi-supervised learning for large-scale Earth observation data understanding."
    , with X. Zhu, D. Tuia, M. Chabert, F. Tobar, A. Boulch, B. Le Saux, S. Lefevre.
  10. 16/03/22: C. Corbière, "Robust deep learning for autonomous driving." (Supervisor),
    with G. Taylor, S. Canu, F. d'Alche-Buc, A. Kendall, M. Cord, P. Pérez.
  11. 09/03/22: E. Dalsasso, "Deep Learning for SAR imagery: from denoising to scene understanding."
    , with B. Le Saux, A. Almansa, C. Soussen, R. Balmer, L. Verdoliva, L. Denis, F. Tupin.
  1. 17/12/21: O. Petit, "Segmentation sémantique d'images médicales 3D par deep learning." (Supervisor),
    with C. Petitjean, O. Bernard, D. Mateus, P. Coupé, C. Wolf, M. Crucianu, L. Soler.
  2. 14/12/21: S. Xu, "Transfer learning for material classification based on visual appearance
    correspondences." (Examiner)
    , with G. Csurka, M. Vanrell, J. Lang, D. Muselet, A. Trémeau.
  3. 10/12/21: P. Nguyen, "Extraction and Characterization of Spatial-Temporal Patterns in Videos." (President), with L. Tougne, A. Termier, N. Ragot, J. Mille, D. Li, D. Conte.
  4. 09/12/21: C. Kervadec, "Visual reasoning in deep learning." (Reviewer), with Z. Akata, C. Schmid,
    D. Picard, G. Antipov, M. Baccouche, C. Wolf.
  5. 03/12/21: M. Etheve, "Apprentissage pour la résolution de problèmes répétés de PLNE." (Examiner),
    with A. Lodi, B. Scherer, A. Parmentier, C. Bissuel, O. Juan, Z. Ales, S. Kedad.
  6. 30/11/21: V. Le Guen, "Deep learning for spatiotemporal forecasting: application to solar energy." (Supervisor), with G. Mori, P. Pérez, E. Fromont, E. Mémin, P. Blanc, P. Gallinari, S. Dubost.
  7. 10/11/21: M. Di Folco, "Statistical learning of the interactions between cardiac shape and deformation." (Examiner), with C. Desrosiers, M. Sermesant, P. Moceri, C. Lartizien, A. Lalande.
  8. 07/10/21: R. El Jurdi, "Prior-constrained Convolutional Neural Networks for Medical Image Segmentation." (Reviewer), with D. Mateus, C. Achard, D. Cheplygina, C. Petitjean, P. Honeine, F. Abdallah.
  9. 08/07/21: G. Renton, "Analyzing and Improving Graph Neural Networks." (Examiner),
    with J. Llados Canet, J.Y. Ramel, E. Fromont, L. Brun, B. Gauzere, P.Heroux, S. Adam.
  10. 10/06/21: A. Houdayer, "Planification des courses de plat au galop." (Examiner), with A. Rossi,
    D. Quadri, O. Hudry, L. Bonnet, A. Plateau, E. Soutil, M-C. Costa.
  11. 29/05/21: F. Bardozzo, "Unsupervised deep learning for laparoscopic 3D depth estimation and surface reconstruction." (Reviewer), with E. Pasero, F. Carlo Morabito, C. Lopez-Molina, R. Tagliaferri.
  12. 28/05/21: P. Compagnon, "Sequence metric learning: application to human activity recognition."
    , with O. Latifa, A. Douzal-Chouakria, A. Habrard, T. Chateau, S. Duffner, C. Garcia.
  13. 10/05/21: V. Sydorov, "Spatial attention for video understanding." (President), with
    I. Laptev, M. Aubry, K. Alahari, C. Schmid.
  14. 03/05/21: T. Pham, "Apprentissage profond pour la détection de contours : application au suivi orthodontique par smartphone." (Reviewer), with J. Benois-Pineau, C. Achard, C. Vrain, Y. Lucas, S. Treuillet.
  15. 10/03/21: N. Mehrasa, "Towards event analysis in time-series data: asynchronous probabilistic models and learning from partial labels." (Reviewer), with M. Saava, P. Chilana, A. Chang, G. Mori.
  16. 22/01/21: P. Godet, "Approches par apprentissage pour l'estimation de mouvement multiframe en vidéo." (Reviewer), with P. Monasse, S. Bouchafa, D. Fillat, C. Mallet, P. Pérez, A. Boulch, A. Plyer, G. Le Besnerais.
  1. 18/12/20: P.E. Martin, "Fine-grained action detection with spatio-temporal convnets: application to table tennis." (Reviewer), with P. Radeva, K. Schoffmann, M. Larson, P. Desbrat, R. Peteri, J. Benois-Pineau.
  2. 17/12/20: H. Alqasir, "Deep learning for chairlift scene analysis: boosting generalization in multi-domain context." (Reviewer), with J. Van de Weijerp, R. Debusschere, M. Rombault, E. Fromont, D. Muslet, C. Ducottet.
  3. 14/12/20: M.M. Paumard, "Solving Jigsaw puzzles with deep learning." (Examiner), with A. Bugeau, V. Lepetit, V. Kalogeiton, B. Hanczar, H. Tabia, D. Picard, V. Barriere.
  4. 22/10/20: H. Pujol, "Antennes microphoniques intelligentes : localisation de sources acoustiques par deep learning" (Examiner), with M. Melon, E. Vincent, A. Deleforge, L. Girin, R. Nicol, E. Bavu, A. Garcia.
  5. 19/10/20: R. Ratajczak , "Analyse d'images aériennes historiques : application à l'épidémiologie" (Reviewer), with S. Lefevre, F. Tupin, C. Mallet, C. Collet, L. Tougne, B. Fervers, C. Crispim, E. Faure.
  6. 08/07/2020: R. Cadène "Apprentissage multimodal profond pour le traitement de la vision et du langage" (co-supervisor), Sorbonne Université / LIP6, with J. Verbeek, V. Ferrari, Y. LeCun, P. Pérez, L. Soulier, M. Cord.
  7. 25/06/20: H. Ding, "Scene Parsing with Deep Neural Networks" (Reviewer), with H. Yang (Univ. Alberta), Y. K. Hui (NTU), J. Xudong (NTU).
  8. 12/06/20: M. Engilberge, "Deep Inside Visual-Semantic Embeddings" (Reviewer), with Y. Avrithis, D. Larlus, J. Ponce, P. Gallinari, P. Pérez, M. Cord, L. Chevallier
  9. 11/06/20: V. Tschannen, "Deep Learning for Seismic Data Processing & Interpretation" (Reviewer), with A. Ribodetti, E. Stutzmann, A. Rabaute, H. Chauris, M. Delescluse, N. J. Keuper, N. Ettrich
  1. 19/12/19: A. Pajot, "Incorporating Physical Knowlegde Into Deep Neural Network" (Examiner), with E. Mémin, F. Fleuret, E. Szekely, G. Biau, P. Gallinari
  2. 17/12/19: A. Dutt, "Continual learning for image classification" (Reviewer), with J. Benois-Pineau,
    H. Le Borgne, M.H. Amini, D. Pellerin, G. Quénot
  3. 26/11/19: P.A. Ganaye, "A priori et Apprentissage Profond pour la Segmentation en Imagerie Cérébrale" (Reviewer), with C. Petitjean, P.M. Jodoin, C. Garcia, M. Sdika, H. Benoit-Catin
  4. 25/11/19: N. Piasco, "Vision-based localization with discriminative features from heterogeneous visual data" (Reviewer), with V. Lepetit, J. Sivic, T. Sattler, C. Demonceaux, V. Gouet, D. Sidibé
  5. 31/10/19: T. Robert "Représentations latentes des réseaux convolutifs pour l'interprétation de données visuelles" (co-supervisor), Sorbonne Université / LIP6, with G. Mori, S. Canu, K. Alahari, D. Picard, M. Cord.
  6. 10/10/19: E. Mehr "Unsupervised representation learning for 3d shape modeling" (co-supervisor), Sorbonne Université / LIP6, with M. Ovsjanikov, M.P Cani, T. Boubekeur, K. Bailly, V. Guitteny, M. Cord.
  7. 10/09/19: X. Li, "Regularization Schemes for Transfer Learning with Convolutional Network" (Reviewer), with G. Gasso, E. Fromont, A. Rakotomamonjy, V. Cherfaoui, F. Davoine, Y. Grandvallet
  8. 24/06/19: C. Pinard, "Apprentissage robuste d'une carte de profondeur pour l'évitement d'obstacle dans le cas des drones" (Reviewer), with P. Pérez, Y. Gousseau, P. Monasse, L. Chevalley, A. Manzanera, D. Fillat
  9. 20/05/19: H. Ben-Younes "Apprentissage de représentation multi-modale et raisonnement visuel" (co-supervisor), Sorbonne Université / LIP6, with J. Verbeek, V. Ferrari, Y. LeCun, P. Péesrez, L. Soulier, M. Cord.
  10. 01/04/19: C. Adam, "Analyse des Séquences d'usage d'applications Médicales" (Examiner), with M. Clausel, T. Artières, F. Malliaros , C. Hudelot, A. Aliotti, P.H. Cournède
  1. 18/12/18: J. Huth, "Modelling Aging in the visual system and The Convis Python Toolbox" (Examiner), with S. Thorpe, E. Ros, A. Wohrer, E. Klinger, B. Gas, T. Masquellier, A. Arleo
  2. 17/12/18: K. Blanc, "Description de contenu Vidéo : Mouvements et Élasticité Temporelle" (Reviewer), with M. Cord, B. Merialdo, F. Bremond, D. Lingrand, F. Precioso
  3. 12/12/18: R. Iguernaissi, "Counting and tracking people in a camera's network for behavioral analysis" (Reviewer), with M. Daoudi, S. Dubuissson, O. Ait-Aider, D. Merad, P. Drap
  4. 11/12/18: M. Carvalho "Deep representation spaces" (co-supervisor), Sorbonne Université / LIP6, with S. Lefevre, F. Precioso, E. Gaussier, H. Le Borgne, L. Soulier, M. Cord.
  5. 27/11/18: M. Bucher, "Apprentissage et exploitation de représentations sémantiques pour la classification et la recherche d'images" (Reviewer), with C. Hudelot, F. Precioso, S. Herbin, F. Jurie
  6. 20/11/18: T. Mordan "Apprentissage d'architectures profondes pour la détection et la reconnaissance de cibles" (co-supervisor), Sorbonne Université / LIP6, with F. Perronnin, J. Sivic, N. Neverova, A. Alahi, M. Cord.
  7. 19/11/18: M. Blot "Modélisation et apprentissage par architectures profondes en vision" (co-supervisor), Sorbonne Université / LIP6, with C. Wolf, A. Rakotomamonjy, E. Fromont, A. Bellet, L. Ralaivola, M. Cord.
  8. 12/11/18: R. Trullo, "Deep learning based approaches for the segmentation of Organs at Risk in Thoracic CT Scans" (Reviewer), with M. Hatt, L. Chen, C. Petitjean, S. Ran, B. Dubray
  9. 12/10/18: Y. Chen, "Person Re-identification in Images with Deep Learning" (President), with F. Bremond, J. Benois-Pineau, C. Achard, J.Y. Dufour, S. Duffner, A. Baskurt
  10. 16/07/18: Q. Angermann, "real-time polype detection in videos" (Reviewer), with C. Petitjean, M. Paindavoine, D. Lingrand, O. Romain, A. Histache
  11. 27/02/18: A. Sors, "Deep Learning for EEG Analysis" (Reviewer), with M. Vanputten, A. Rosseti, L. Vercueil, J.F. Payen, S. Bonnet
  1. 12/12/17: D. Fourure, "Deep Learning for Semantic Segmentation" (Reviewer) , with P. Perez, M. Keller, E. Fromont, R. Emonet, D. Muselet, C. Wolf, A. Tremeau.
  2. 04/12/17: S. Lopez, "Gaze-Based Image Classificationn" (Reviewer), with J. Benois-Pineau, E. Izquierdo, B. Merialdo, D. Lingrand, A. Revel , F. Precioso.
  3. 09/11/17: Y. Lu, "Transfer Learning for Image Classification" (Reviewer), with K. Mikolajczyk, N. Vincent, A. Habrard, A. Saidi, L. Chen.
  4. 03/10/17: J. Fellus "Distributed (Gossip) Machine Learning" (Examiner) , with F. Precioso, A. Rakotomamonjy, F. Bach, E. Dupraz, D. Picard, P.H. Gosselin.
  5. 30/09/17: X. Wang "Gaze weakly-supervised visual recognition: application to fooding" (co-supervisor) ,Sorbonne Université / LIP6, with P. Le Callet, P.H. Gosselin, C. Achard, C. Wang, F. Precioso, M. Cord.
  6. 20/09/17: T. Durand "Weakly supervised learning for visual recognition" (co-supervisor) , Sorbonne Université / LIP6, with P. Pérez, A. Rakotomamonjy, F. Bach, C. Schmid, V. Serfaty, M. Cord.
  1. 15/12/16: I. Leang , "On-line fusion of tracking algorithms" (Examiner), ISIR-Paris, with P. Pérez, D. Fillat, M. Rombault, B. Girard, J. Droulez
  2. 02/12/16: Marion Chevalier, "Détection et reconnaissance de cibles en imagerie optronique" (co-supervisor), Sorbonne Université / LIP6, with F. Brémond, P. Pérez, S. Canu, C. Achard, G. Hénaff, M. Cord.
  3. 17/11/16: S. Chan "Deep Dictionnary Learning" (Reviewer), GIPSA-Grenoble, with S. Canu, A. Baskurt, D. Pellerin, M. Rombault
  4. 08/07/16: O. Morere "Deep Learning for Instance retrieval" (President), UPMC/A*STAR, with J. Demongeot, G. Bloch, J. Demongeot, V. Ramaseshan Chandrasekha, D. Racoceanu
  5. 10/05/16: L. Zheng "Triangular Similarity Metric Learning" (Reviewer) , LIRIS, with W. Puech, B. Dorizzi, S. Marchand-Maillet, A. Baskurt, K. Idrissi, C. Garcia
  6. 08/04/16: N. Neverova "Deep Learning for Human Motion Analysis" (Examiner), LIRIS/Guelph, with C. Schmid, J.M. Odobez, F. Jurie, C. Wolf, G. Taylor
  7. 11/02/16: S. Berlemont"Deep Metric Learning" (Examiner), Orange Labs Grenoble, with M. Paindavoine, T. Chateau, D. Pellerin, S. Duffner, C. Garcia
  1. 30/06/15: C. Le Barz "Navigation visuelle pour les missions autonomes des petits drones" (co-supervisor), Sorbonne Université / LIP6, with F. Brémond, D. Fillat, M. Detyniecki, L. Denoyer, J.Y. Dufour, M. Cord.
  2. 20/01/15: M. Law "Metric learning for web page comparison" (co-supervisor), Sorbonne Université / LIP6, with P. Pérez, A. Rakotomamonjy, F. Bach, J. Ponce, F. Precioso, P. Gallinari, S. Gancarski , M. Cord.
  1. 15/07/13: M. Baccouche "Apprentissage neuronal de caractéristiques spatio-temporelles pour la classification automatique de séquences vidéos" (Examiner), Orange Labs Rennes/ Liris, with B. Dorizzi, J.M. Odobez, D. Pellerin, F. Mamallet, A. Baskurt, C. Wolf, C. Garcia
  2. 12/07/13: Hanlin Goh "Deep learning for visuel understanding" (co-supervisor), Sorbonne Université / LIP6, with P. Jurie, A. Rakotomamonjy, Y. Le Cun, P. Gallinari, J.H. Lim, M. Cord.
  3. 14/06/13: Sandra Avila "Extended bag of visual words for image analysis" (co-supervisor), Sorbonne Université / LIP6, with F. Perronnin, M. Campos, P. Pérez, C. Schmid, P. Gallinari, A. de Albuquerque, M. Cord.
  1. 19/03/12: R. Minetto "Text Detection adn 2d/3d object tracking" (co-supervisor), Sorbonne Université / LIP6,
    with P. Pérez, M. Detyniecki, A. de Albuquerque, J. Stolfi, N. Leite, H. Pedrini, M. Cord.
HdR Committees
  1. 23/04/24: A. Popescu, "Toward multimedia content understanding with limited data for trustworthy AI" (Reviewer), with D. Gatica-Perez, D. Filliat, F. Preteux, F. Sais, C. Hudelot.
  2. 19/12/23: N. Duchateau, "Atlas statistiques et apprentissage de représentations pour la caractérisation cardiaque" (Reviewer), with C. Desrosiers, F. Meriaudeau, N. Kachenoura, S. Canu, R. Chaine, P. Clarysse.
  3. 16/06/23: N.S. Vu, "From expert to learner for visual recognition" (Reviewer),
    with C. Ballester, V. Gouet-Brunet, C. Achard, C. Demonceaux, L. Chen, D. Vodislav, A. Histache.
  4. 04/07/22: T. Lampert, "Sustainability in Artificial Intelligence: Recycling Data and Reducing Model Waste" (Reviewer), with S. Lefèvre, M. Sebag, C. Wemmert, A. Cornuéjols, N. Padoy, P. Gancarski.
  5. 24/05/22: C. Kurtz, "La représentation des images : de la description a l'interprétation" (President),
    with C. Garcia, V. Gouet, H. Muller, I. Bloch, N. Passat, L. Wending, N. Vincent.
  6. 25/01/22: R. De Charette, "Vision for scene understanding" (Reviewer),
    with V. Lepetit, D. Filliat, G. Scurzca, J. Sivic, M. Cord, F. Nashashibi.
  7. 01/10/21: S. Ayache, "Contributions to transfer learning" (Reviewer),
    with E. Gaussier, F. Precioso, C. Capponi, T. Artieres.
  8. 11/12/20: R. Hérault, "Machine learning for high-dimension and structured problems" (Reviewer),
    with M. Biehl, F. D'Alché-Buc, J. Lee, T. Artieres, S. Canu, G. Gasso, A. Adam, L. Seifart.
  9. 04/12/20: R. Tavenard, "Machine learning for time series" (Reviewer),
    with P. Panagiotis, F. D'Alché-Buc, H. Jégou, E. Fromont, T. Corpetti.
  10. 23/09/20: S. Lamprier, "Apprentissage et Inférence Structurelle pour l'Extraction de Dynamiques de l'Information" (Examiner), with S. Wang, P. Preux, O. Pietquin, E. Gaussier, P. Gallinari.
  11. 06/12/19: R. Péteri, "Contributions à l'analyse et la reconnaissance du mouvement dans des vidéos" (Reviewer), with Y. Berthoumieu, G. Quénot, M. Haindl, C. Choquet, J. Benois-Pineau.
  12. 02/12/19: S. Bonnet, "Contributions expérimentales et théoriques en ingénierie biomédicale" (Reviewer),
    with T. Papadopoulo, F. Wallois, C. Jutten, G. Carault, D. Vray.
  13. 05/04/19: S. Duffner, "Tracking and metric learning" (Reviewer),
    with F. Bremond, M. Paindavoine, J.M. Odobez, C. Lartizien, M.S. Hacid, C. Garcia.