Topics: machine learning, deep learning, computer vision

Research group
Clément Rambour (assistant prof.)
Denis Coquenet (post-doc)
Emanuele Dalsasso (post-doc, ANR ASTRAL)
Students (as secondary supervisor)
  • ORCHID (ANR 22-26), Automatic etiological diagnosis of cardiac diseases: SU coordinator
  • AHEAD (ANR 20-26), AI for Health, Physics, Transportation and Defense: Program coordinator
  • PILLAR Robots (EU project 22-26), Increasing the autonomy of robots: SU member
  • Diamelex (ANR 21-25), Diagnosis of melanoma by similarity learning: CEDRIC coordinator
  • POESY (ANR JCJC 21-24), Probabilistic weather prediction with AI & physics: CEDRIC coordinator
  • ASTRAL (ANR ASTRID 21-24), Machine learning for SAR imagery: CEDRIC member

Former Projects: